Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't Argue With A Nun. You'll Lose

It was just another day at Dr. Emily abortion clinic in the Bronx, NY.

 We stand outside of the entrance to try to talk to girls going in. We lovingly tell them they have other options other than abortion, with which we would like to help them with.

 One of the pro aborts who frequently stands outside of Dr. Emily is Elizabeth. She is on the right in this picture, with the orange vest.

I have spoken with her briefly in the past. She is very adamant about the woman having a "choice". That opinion overrides any argument you present to her in explaining the importance of life. Anything you have to say that regards taking away a "woman's right", she doesn't want to hear it. 

Not only does she not want to hear it, but she doesn't want you standing near the one place that holds her beliefs highest. This is what's going on in this picture.

Elizabeth abruptly yelled at one of the sisters to move away from the entrance. The sister was within her legal right in where she was standing. Elizabeth simply wanted to threaten her so that she could get rid of her.

I was there. I heard the response the sister gave back to Elizabeth. She did not raise her voice. She did not say anything ugly. She did, stand her ground. She did, attempt to talk to Elizabeth like a human being and not a protester.

The sister ended up staying where she was and continued to pray. Elizabeth moved to a different part of the sidewalk.

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DisturbedMary said...

Both women loom large. A fair match it seems at first. But one fights with the Cross while the other wields a bully club. It is grace against horsefeathers.

Grace wins of course.