Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today I had a lady come in fills out the intake form when I call her to come in and take a sit she tells me right off the bat she wants an abortion she has made up her mind that this is something she want to do. So I say “ok well still take a sit and we will discuss the procures that take place in having an abortion and the potential complication that could happened” she take a sit and I ask her “what the reason why she wants to have an abortion” at first she was very guarded with what she wanted to say and took a long pause before answering. I lean over and asked her tell me I want to hear why I see so much pain in your eyes. All of a sudden tears start coming down her face I asked if I can hug her and she just looks at me and put her arms around tells me my husband just passed away I cant I already have 4 kids with him I cant it just too much for me right now I cant I wont not right now. So I told her to let it out cry sometime I good to cry and she just cries like there was no tomorrow. After she calms down and I tell her that sometimes there could be complications that can be fatal and she says “no way I cant what about the other kids I cant thy already lost one parent am not going to leave them with no parent” am keeping my baby. So she goes to the sonogram room and find out she 9 weeks and the smile on her face when she herd the baby heart beat the tear that came down weren’t tears of fear, hate nor anger but tears of joy.  

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