Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Life in NYC

This isn't directly related to pro-life work, but the reality of where these women come from and what kind of baby daddys they have makes it pretty relevant i think: 
I was out getting some lunch one day (we were trying to clean and board up the house against a rat, so I couldn’t use the stove) and I decided to try and find a pizzaria in an area I hadn’t checked out before. I found a nice place (it had cheese fries!) and while I was waiting for my order, I leaned against the wall and listened in on the conversation that was going on around me. A group of black guys were hanging out (seemed like one of their normal gathering places) and started talking about their plans for the weekend. There was some discussion of whether any of them would be arrested and then when the best time to be arrested would be. It used to be Friday night was bad, but now there is apparently court on Saturdays, so that would actually be the best time. Saturday night is bad though obviously, because then you have to wait for Monday to get out. One said when he was arrested they had written “crack dealer” on his report. He was laughing, how did they come up with that? Another said he never knows when he’ll get arrested, could be for just walking down the street. Cop stops you and you say “wha’d I do?” and he thinks you look like a thug, just because you’re black.  That’s normal life for them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never thought to plan my weekend around when the best time to get arrested is. I came away from that pizzaria with a lot more than I expected (and not just because I found cheese fries).

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