Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Hard Yet Beautiful Truth

She had driven from out of state to have a "free abortion" that day.  She had thought that we would do it for her.  When she found out we didn't do abortion she was understandably flustered and upset because she had driven from so far.   She said she had to go because she had to get it done today.  I asked her if she knew anything about the abortion procedure.  No she didn't but she didn't want to watch the video.  I started asking about her kids trying to get her to relax.  I talked to her about fetal development, the abortion procedure, abortion risks, her  kids and the first moment  she held them.  I prayed for the right words that would touch her.  With everything she responded,  "I know abortion is wrong, its killing a baby, but I don't have anywhere to live, I don't have a job, I have a baby already and it's hard enough with one.  I don't want to but I have to."   After explaining the importance of having a sonogram to make sure its a viable pregnancy and explaining what an ectopic pregnancy was she asked if she could get a sono today.  I went out to ask Esther and then she, Esther, came in and talked with her a while and got her to watch procedures, a non graphic, computer animated video. After watching procedures she told us it was scary hearing all the things that she is putting herself at risk to but she still insisted she had to get the abortion.  She took a pregnancy test for our records and as we waited for the results we watched a 5 min video called Choice Blues of an actual abortion.   She watched horrified.  When it finished she turned to me and said "all I could think of was my son.  I can't do that!"   

After trying to use every form of reasoning with her in the end what clicked for her was visually seeing a real baby being torn apart.  It isn't easy to show the video.  I think of the first time I watched it and don't want to put anyone else through that turmoil.  But what is shown in the video is truth.  Sometimes, many times, that hard truth is what is needed to break through to someone.   Many times the truth is hard.  It isn't easy to face and at times isn't easy to show to someone else.  But in the end the turmoil she went through watching the video was completely worth the life of her unborn baby and the joy she is already experiencing in her pregnancy.  I called her today and she told me she went for the sono and she is 14 weeks along which was a surprise because her LMP was only 10 weeks ago.  She sounded so happy on the phone and she said "I am so happy I came in and got to talk to you girls!  I saw the baby....I am so happy!  I am so thankful I found you girls.  It must have been God that brought me there!"

It is not easy waking up early and counseling girls who are on their way to kill their babies but it is moments like this that remind me why I am here and what makes it completely worth it.  I gave her the info for a religious order in her area/state that will be able to help her find living arrangements.  Please keep her in your prayers as any Mother knows as happy as you are to welcome a baby it is still overwhelming especially as a single mother.  Pray that she will find a place to live where she feels safe and comfortable, that she will find a job and that God will bless her with continued courage and peace.

                                All bundled up to go side walk counsel in the early morning.

Praise God through whom all good things flow!

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