Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Road Goes Ever on and on

Even today, New Years Eve, when we should all be home, writing our resolutions, drinking our hot cocoa, enjoying the last few hours of 2009: women, girls will seek abortions.

I only spoke with one girl today, a fourteen year-old in a pregnancy scare. I couldn’t help thinking, my little sister is 14. My little sister is a freshman in high school. She’s my kid sister. She loves drawing and painting and dragons and cats and plays trumpet and goes to sleep by 9 o’clock. How strikingly different is this young lady. At fourteen, experiencing a pregnancy scare. We spoke about abstinence, second virginity, recommitting to purity. We discussed abortion and all that entails. She left with the results of her pregnancy test, negative, and a better understanding of her worth. She was thoroughly convinced abortion is something she will never seek.

Education, information, caring, consulting, sharing, this is an endless circle that is begun anew each time a woman comes to call at the EMC Center. So each day, a fresh, smiling face is needed to greet whatever comes our way: only God can give reasons for such smiles.

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