Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Faces at Christmas Time

During this past week we've had Christmas celebrations in our centers. Women and their children whom we have been blessed to help were invited to come to the parties.
All the children had happy faces. They lunched, played and waited patiently for Santa to arrive. When he appeared, the children's faces lit up with a great expression of joy. All received Christmas presents, but we, the staff and volunteers, got the best gift of all, in seeing the result of our daily effort. To see these children fills us with pride and give us greater desire to fight for the lives of the unborn for the coming year when we will have many more children in our party.
At this season of Christmas, we give thanks to God and ask him to continue to guide us in our daily tasks.

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MEL said...

Chris, that's the best news I've heard yet this Christmas! Makes me want to bundle up and hit the streets right now, all the way through January, until 40 Days gets started again!