Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Most Surprised Me About Abortion

I have been Pro-life for as long as I can remember. I was blessed to have parents that taught me a sense of right and wrong and taught me to think logically from an early age. When I think back to my childhood, I can remember many a Saturday afternoon spent with one of my parents praying the Rosary outside of the local abortion clinic. In the past I've given pro-life presentations and even been involved in grassroots efforts to pass legislature that would protect young girls from being prayed upon by the big buisness of the Abortion Industry coupled with statutory rapist boyfriends. Even after all of these experiences, the thing that most surprised me once I came to do this pro-life work with EMC, is exactly how many women submit to abortions under pressure.
Quite often it happens that her boyfriend has told her that she has to get an abortion, sometimes threatening to leave her, telling her that she is selfish is she doesn't abort, or using other emotionally manipulative behavior. If he doesn't directly tell her to have an abortion, he may apply a more indirect pressure by telling her that it's up to her. The heart of a woman however would rather hear the man that she loves, profess his love and support for her than put everything on her shoulders. When a woman hears "It's up to you." she feels alone, and that is the last thing that she needs when facing a crisis pregnancy. A man is meant to protect and support his family, forsaking his wants and desires for the safety and well being of his loved ones. She is pregnant, therefore she is a mother and he is a father and this child is their family. There is a sense of violation involved when she is pressured into ending the life of her baby. This is just another reason why women deserve better than abortion.

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