Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Pro-lifers of Tomorrow

Ray and I were invited to speak to a group of High School students at St. Raymond´s school for boys in the Bronx. I was very impressed with these young, dedicated pro-lifers. There was a basketball game being played in the gym at the same time as our talk. These boys could have easily been enjoying the game, but instead they chose to help tackle the issue of abortion and its assault on human dignity.

Ray spoke about his calling from God to switch from Real Estate Agent to full time Pro-life Activist. He also told us about the many ways that the Lord has blessed him for answering this call. I brought Fetal Development Models to share with the students, and told them about my experiences in the Pro-life movement, but especially about my work with EMC. We talked about the mindset of an abortion-minded girl, as well as the many pressures she is under. The whole evening culminated in a beautiful prayer vigil at Dr. Emily’s Abortion Clinic. As we stood in the cold, our rosaries in hand and prayers on our lips, the candles flickering in the wind, I thanked God for the courage of these young men. These students are the pro-lifers of tomorrow.

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