Monday, December 28, 2009

Of Course

The day dawned dark, lightning and thunder broke across the sky! Well, the weather wasn’t that ominous…but the air was cold and unforgiving. The wind snuck into the small gaps between my gloves and jacket, nipping my wrists ruthlessly. I walked out of the subway station, across the street and into the Pregnancy Center. ‘It will be a busy day,’ I thought.

One young lady came in who seemed to know everything I or Liz would say, “Have you thought of baby names?” “Of course.” “Abortion is unsafe and dangerous for women and children.” “Of course.” She was a chorus of “Yes, I know”s and “Of course”s…she knew it all. We had nothing to teach her. Her heart was hard and her mind closed. I was disheartened by conversation with her.

And then God sent a little angel wrapped in the womb of her scared mother. This mother was a caring woman, with a daughter at home and two in heaven, victims of previous abortions. She herself, was intent on getting another. The mother spoke for a time, and gradually God opened her eyes to the love and opportunity for her child in the womb. She recounted a dream she had had a week before: snarling abortionists at the mill dangling an aborted fetus above the receptionist desk and gleefully smiling at her, beckoning her forward for her abortion. God brought her to the Pregnancy Center for a reason.

Does God love her?

Did she decide for life?

Of course.

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