Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Saving lifes!

Greating from NY city. This week is being good  :) 
Thinking about saving a life, simple change the life. It isn't easy but nobody said it was easy...

Like Pope Francisco  said :  abortion is not a religious or philosophical but scientific problem because it is a human life and is not lawful settlement, killing a human life to solve a problem "

I think about how mothers are want babies and I understand that at first they are scared and worried but when the baby arrive, everything change. Babies are ALWAYS a present!

There are certain mothers that want children But cannot conceive, a child brings joy. The life of the child is very important, nobody knows of the future of the child. 

Most people think abortion the baby is not a big deal because they say, the baby is not grown yet. It is hard conveicing them otherwise, But when you make a turn around it all makes sense. 

See you soon.


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