Monday, February 16, 2015

A walk in Manhattan

Good morning! Sorry to be late with my second post but last weekend we haven't stopped.
On Friday evening my workmates and I went for a walk in Manhattan. First we went to a Grand Central; it's a beautiful station with a lot of shops, one of them it's the popular Golden Mac. When we were walking we were frozen, it was very cold (-10 degrees Celsius but the real fee was -22dC) it was horrible! but Manhattan looks so cool and amazing with its skyscrapers, restaurants with smart people were having dinner, its clothes shops and its luxury hotels, in special I like one of them near the Central Park: Hotel Plaza where it's set in the film Home Alone 2. It's amazing!

Secondly,on Saturday we were cleaning the house and at the evening we went to a concert of the  Orquesta Sinfonica de Mexico. They played different pieces of Spanish composers like Manuel de Falla and  Enrique Granados.

Finally, we went to St's Patrick Cathedral on Sunday and then we met three Mexican men and we talked with them. When we came back home we were exhausted, although, very happy!
Now we start a new week, completely full of work!
See you soon!

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