Friday, February 20, 2015

My trip around New York

This week  was intensive and harder. It started in Queen's office, there I attended a woman who wanted to know if she was pregnant. The answer was afirmative and she was happy!
On Tuesday I went to Queen's office with Carol and then we went to New Jersey (yes!) this day was snowing a lot and it was very cold. We caught 5 or 6 subway lines. New Jersey's office is in a skyscraper and the views are fantastic and beatitul. In five minutes (by train) I was in other estate. It looks like a film of Hollywood. 
On Wednesday I went to Queen's office too and I was with a girl who is pregnant (18 weeks) and she wanted to get an abortion, I explained her that abortion has many risks and she's got a baby; an human life. She is undecided. We have to Pray and I hope that she saves her baby's life, so it could be my first turn around.

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