Friday, February 13, 2015

babies are like stars, never there are enough :)

Hello my name is marta, I just arrive to NY city as Intern in EMC prolife. 
I'll be here to help and colaborate in this amazing project with all my energy. 

I'm just here for a few days ago but I can say that it's exciting. I love the city and my colleagues are excellent. But the most incredible are miracles that happend every day. 

Mother teresa of Calcuta Said "Life is a game; participates in it. Life is too precious; do not destroy it." I agree with her, the life is a gift. :) 

For some girls have a baby maybe It wasn't in their plans or they aren't in the perfect time But have a baby is always a gift. maybe at first they seem a difficult situation but always is the best. Another alternatives only create problems.

For me, one of the more generous human gestures  is to give your child for adoption. if you can not maintain him or the situation is impossible, the best solución is Adoption. 
this week came to the Bronx's office a girl who is only 16 years old and she is thinking about giving your child for adoption. It is incredible!! 

Remembre that each year more than two million American couples who want to adopt a child can not do it because there are not enough children for it. While about 1.2 millons died in abortion. It's so horrible! 
See you soon :) 
Regard marta Salamanca de la torre.

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