Saturday, February 7, 2015

My first turn around??

Do you remember my last post? I said that the next turn around would be mine. Well, I posted this on wednesday and on thursday a woman came to our office, in the Bronx. She came becouse she wanted to get an abortion, at least that was she said at the begining. I was talking with her a lot of time and she told me that actually she didn't want an abortion. The main problem was her boyfriend! I talked to him as well and he listened to me but he said nothing at all, except: "We need to talk more about this and think about the options, not only in have an abortion.

I sent her a message telling that if she need something, whatever, she can come back to our office and ask us. I didn't get an answer so I don't know what happend with this.

Please, I need your prayers for this, becouse she and her Little baby need you! With your help this will be my fist turn around

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