Friday, February 13, 2015

The beginning of a prolife experience...

I got to New York last Tuesday and I met the other volunteers who with I live. They`re from Spain too and they told me  their experience with pregnant women who  wanted to get an abortion and then they decided not to do it. It`s amazing!! Obviously when it happens it`s a good notice and they called it: turn around.
Well, at this moment I try to adapt to this big city, especially, the subway.
I've been in the Bronx office and Brooklyn office and I met the people who work there. I`ve read a book called La semilla del amor about the attitude of the prolife workers and the essence about this work which is the love. I'd seen different DVD`S about the abortion and its dammages in the women too. it`s very hard and unkind!
However we attended some women (different ages: between 16 to 27) who are worried and they wanted to get an abortion, finally some of  them decided keep on it. This is the most shocking moments that I've lived since I am in New York.
In addition, it will be a fantastic experience for me and it helps me to value more the life as a gift.


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