Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This week is being great because every woman who came to the office went undecided or wanting to keep the baby. A few undecided women left the office with a big smile and thankful with us because now they know more about the abortion and they knows that they have a baby inside.

A lot of women think that in the fifth or even in the 6th week they only have a bunch of cells inside but that is not real and we show them every they in videos, photos, book... When they see the reality their minds change. Is not the same want an abortion what you think that the only that you have is a bunch of cells than when you know that you have a baby, a really precious baby inside you. Some of them still wanting to have an abortion because their situations are extremes. We show them that there are more options and some of them take this options. The other women take what they think is the easy way, but have an abortion IS NOT EASY.

I am improving my techniques and I still learning a lot of things about this job and about the abortion, so I am better in this job every day and I am proud for that.

Ok, as always keep praying for us, for the babies and for their moms.

Alvaro Garcia

Stronger than yesterday

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