Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It's strange and great how women can change their attitude, thinking and make other decision when they know that they've alternatives to the abortion which is the life's chance.
Most of the women who arrive at the office aren't married,don't have enough money and they don't know the abortion risks. at this moment they think that pregnancy and the baby are problems in their life but actually abortion is the worst for women. When you get an abortion, later are you happy? Do you think that you never remember the baby, what would be the baby like? I guess that you never or hardly ever could forget it. And life with a guilt would be difficult and unhappy. Do you want it? If you want it, come on! do it (get an abortion)! However everybody, all women  want to be happy and don't want to kill anyone, and less damaging their son or daughter. We try to help them and give them hope.
The life is beautiful, pregnancy is a natural thing that happens inside of us, it's wonderful! A new life grow up in our womb, with our genetics. Do you know that a baby could  hear his mother and smell while he is in the womb? It's a miracle and women can participate (with men too) and transport it. The babies aren't the problem, maybe the life will be a lit more difficult with parenthood, but who says that life was easier?
It's important that you reflection about it.


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