Friday, March 6, 2015

Stories which change your life

That week I've attended (with other volunteers) some women in the Bronx, Queen's and Brooklyn's office and each one with different attitudes.
I don't want to remember women who have decided to get an abortion  (some of them with an advanced pregnancy), I pray not to do it finally. However I never can't forget women who cried when they Knew that she was pregnant, and decided continue with her pregnancy. Women of different ages from 14 to 25 years old. All of them were scared and happy too (both feelings are possible), they thought in her new son or daughter, we told their that her baby already had fingers, brain... It was fantastic! But something new is happened inside of her; her body is changing, and she has got a new human life in their womb.

Specially I like so much three cases, each one of our different Pregnancy Center.
One of them is the case of one young girl who came to the office with one friend. Her friend helped her to decide keep on with her baby. It helped me so much to understand how  help of a friend may be very important. Other is the example of one girl (18 years old) who has decided to be single mother and the last is other girl who wants to have her baby despite wanting to end her college but she could do it, in addition her boyfriend agrees with her and he's happy for that good new. 
Those are some little but big stories which have changed their lives forever.   

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