Monday, March 9, 2015


 A world where women are marginalized is sterile
Those were some words of  the Pope Francisco's speech last 8th of March,Women's Day. 

We are women, we can work, we have rights, we have to comply the laws and rules like men (and we can't forget that long time ago a lot of women fought for our civil rights), although nowadays some  people and business don't treat women with justice and equality. 

We are women, we do our job with passion, effort just as well as men. However we are different, we can carry the life, we feel how a new life is growing inside of us. We mustn't allow that society decide about our body and that,our, new life. Abortion is killing someone; a little baby who needs her mother (and father too) and maybe this baby will never have got the choice to be happy if you don't give it. There is a new life with a new genetic code (different to the father and mother) when an sperm and egg unite. 

The abortion isn't an example of a modern country or state; it's more modern defending the life and protect human life, because we know that all have the same dignity and nobody must decide for the life of others. 

I think that women have an exciting adventure in that life and don't forget that:

Women not only carry life but they give us the ability to see beyond, give us the ability to understand the world with different eyes, hear things with a more tender heart, more creative, more patient. 
(Pope Francisco, 8th March 2015)

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