Monday, March 30, 2015

In front of the bleakness

Last saturday I went to Planned Parenthood with Gabri to try to avoid that women get an abortion. There were more prolife sidewalk counseling volunteers. 
It was a cold day, many women arrived to the abortion clinic with their boyfriend or alone, but their faces looked sad and unhappy, nobody smiled (maybe because they know that they were doing it isn't correct ant it wasn't the best option. 
Then a priest with some women arrived to the place to pray the Holy Rosary in front of the clinic. They praid loudly; it doesn't matter, they pray for women, their boyfriend, for the pro-choice or pro-abortion vounteers, and for all these babies who are killed. 
The door of abortion's clinic is the entrance to a sad place, to the hell, where the main action is elimante an human life (although it was very small). Someone asked me  why the abortion isn't correct, it's only a couple of cells, an embryo and it could be an human life when she/he is born. And my answer was: when an egg and sperm une, there is a new genetic code, a new DNA and this is a new life who will be an human. You can understand or not but the true is  this and if you're ok with the abortion, you must know that you're ok with killing little babies and nobody should do business with murders. 

Women who leave planned parenthood looked  desolated, so now you Know how do you feel when you are in front of an abortion clinic.  

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