Thursday, February 25, 2010

There's something about the heartbeat

Today I was in Queens,NY working at the Expectant Mother Center with Carmen. I had the opportunity to meet with a very well educated young girl in her 20's who came, thinking about getting an abortion. She had already had one last year. I asked her how her life was after the abortion. She told me she was so depressed. She said that she thinks of her aborted child every time she sees or hears a child on the trains or out on the streets. I said, "and you want to have another one?" She didn't answer.
We talked for about an hour. I told her that she has a living baby inside of her,but it's almost as if she didn't believe me. We talked about the father. We talked about abortion. I had her watch the Abortion Procedure video. I asked what she thought after watching it, and she told me it was very informative. She said there were a lot of things she learned that she didn't know before. We talked about abstinence.
After watching the video, she really started beginning to doubt the abortion. She said after watching it being performed, it opened her eyes to the truth of what it really is.
The next thing I had her do was to get a sonogram done. She goes into the room with Roxanna and begins the process. About midway through, Roxanna turns on the volume and all 3 of us could hear the baby's heartbeat. The next thing I know, I see tears streaming down her face. After the sonogram, she said to me "after that hearing that heartbeat, there's no way". I said "theres no way for what?" She said, "there's no way I can get the abortion".
It's crazy how you can be told by others that you have a living person inside of you, and you not believe it till you hear the heartbeat. There's something about the heart beating that makes you yourself become alive.

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