Sunday, February 7, 2010

EMC Interns Join Rally Applauding CBS Studios for Tebow Superbowl Ad

Last week EMC took part in a rally in Manhattan, in front of CBS Studios! The purpose of our presence was to thank CBS for agreeing to air Tim Tebow's Pro-life Super Bowl ad sponsored by Focus on the Family.

Here is the story by

Pro-Life Advocates Gather at CBS to Show Support for Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

by Steven Ertelt Editor
February 2, 2010

New York, NY ( -- Dozens of pro-life advocates showed up for a rally today supporting the decision by CBS to air the Focus on the Family Super Bowl commercial featuring Tim Tebow. The ad focuses on Pam Tebow's decision not to have an abortion when pregnant with Tim despite a debilitating medical condition.

The story of Tebow's birth is inspiring millions of Americans already who know of his prowess on the football field and are glad his mother chose life over abortion.

The pro-life groups Christian Defense Coalition, Expectant Mother Care and Generation Life sponsored the rally and pro-life advocate Brandi Swindell emailed about it.

"We are joining with hundreds of thousands of Americans who have signed petitions and joined on-line groups applauding the decision of CBS to air a pro-life ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother Pam," she said.

"The National Organization for Women and other pro-abortion groups have shown disdain and open hostility toward women who choose to keep their children and refuse to have abortions. Their hysterical rants and anger over this ad of a woman simply sharing her own personal story to embrace life, shows these groups have no regard for either women or the concept of choice," she said.

Swindell said the groups felt it important to put together a supportive rally when, in many cases, there is much to gripe about concerning the mainstream media's treatment of abortion.

"Pro-life organizations feel it is important to make a public show of support for CBS and thank them for not bowing to the pressure from fringe extremist groups that have little regard for women's rights or human rights," she said.

Swindell said the pro-life advocates will also "pray for the thousands of women who will view the ad and are facing challenging pregnancies."

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, the director of the Christian Defense Coalition, also spoke about the rally.

"We applaud CBS for having the courage to televise this ad and not bow to the pressure from fringe extremist groups that have little regard for women's rights or human rights," he said.

Chris Slattery, director of Expectant Mother Care in New York City, a pregnancy center, knows from first-hand experience how it can be tough for women like Pam Tebow to choose life.

"Our organization works with women every day that face difficult and challenging pregnancies. In fact, we have saved 34,000 lives in the past 23 years," he said.

"This life affirming ad by Pam and Tim Tebow brings a message of great hope and compassion to all women. Feminist anger over this ad supports what we have known about the so called pro-choice movement for years," he continued.

ACTION: Support the Focus on the Family ad by contacting Sean J. McManus, President CBS News and Sports, at or 212-975-4321

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