Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I stood outside of the abortion clinic in Bronx today in the snow. I was standing out on the sidewalk when a girl came up attempting to go inside. I began talking with her about our clinic and what we offer. I said nothing about Dr. EMily's. I did not talk bad about it whatsoever. I didn't even talk about it period. In the middle of my conversation, one of the other girls that worked at the clinic, literally grabbed this girl by the arm and was pulling her into the clinic. She did this while completely interrupting me to say to the girl this: "don't listen to this girl...she is a don't need to listen to her...just come on inside...come on." I was very quiet at first. I didn't know what to say. I was in no position to argue with this girl. I knew she was wrong. I ended up saying, "I am not a protester". She said, "you're not allowed to come in here. You're telling me you're not a protester?" This whole time, the girl is still surprisingly very open minded to me. She's just giving me this look like, 'who should I listen to?' So I said to her, "If you have any questions maybe you could come back down here,without her interrupting us, and I can answer them." She said "ok." And then went inside.
Sadly, she never came back out. What struck me, was that if anyone was being pushy between the abortion worker and myself, it was her. SHE was the one literally pulling the girl inside the clinic. SHE was the one who lost her cool by interrupting me blatantly,speaking over me, not letting me say anything. SHE was the one who looked scared. I, however, remained calm. When she talked I let her say what she wanted. I was not there to argue with her. I was there to provide these girls with the truth. That's what I did. That's what I am responsible for. If other people have issues with that, it's bloodshed on their hands, not mine. So, this worker took on the responsibility of this woman's baby, without even realizing it. Scary isn't it?

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