Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Abortion comes from God"

Yesterday, I not only cried, but I was down on the floor with tears pouring out of my eyes, and snot dripping out of my nose.
Back in September, in VA, I made a prayer. I prayed for God to "break my heart for what breaks yours".Man, did He.......
He called me to move to the Bronx, NY to meet with girls and women of all ages,mainly 15-24,who are pregnant unplanned.
Yesterday I met with a girl who is 21 yrs old with 3 kids already.She just married this guy a year ago,and now that she is pregnant again; he wants her to get an abortion.
Well, I talked with her for 2hrs first.He was out of the room.We watched 2 videos on the procedures of abortion and then actual abortions filmed.She cried the entire time.I could tell she did not want to get one deep down in her heart.
Then I got her out of the room, and him in.When he first came in, before I started the tape,he had the audacity to make the statement,"everything happens for a reason.God allowed man to come up with this procedure.It came from God. Abortion comes from God." I said, "wait-you're saying abortion happened for a reason and therefore its right and we should do it?" he says, "I'm sayin God allowed it. did he not?" I said, "God also allowed the Holocaust. Was that also for a reason? Therefore its right?" he mumbled something..... of course he did.
How are you going to say abortion is from the Lord? I left the room, in a rage. I came back about 5 minutes later after he had watched the tape and he was talking to another one of the counselors.
To make a long story short, Julie and I ended up talking with this man for the next half hour.He was extremely smart.He ended up pouring out his heart to me and Julie,in his own way.
He talked about all the things he had seen.How rough and mean the world is.How no one has his back.How HE WOULD RATHER GO TO HELL for killing his baby through the way of abortion, than to allow that baby to come into this world. When he said that,I couldn't help but gosh.
Here is this tough,athletic looking,smart man here in my office with his wife,trying to keep it together, and is falling apart.He didn't cry or anything,but it doesn't matter with me.
I am able to look past what people say and do, and HEAR THEIR HEART.God has given me that spiritual gift (of prophecy).
Through his blasphemous comments, and many times he said he wanted his girl to get an abortion, all I saw was hurt,.......hurT,....... huRT, ...... hURT,........ HURT. This man was beaten and bruised inside.Forget the facade he was putting up to the world.Forget the front he was making to everyone around him.This man was in deep sorrow and pain;he felt pain.
It made sense.....why WOULD he allow a sweet, innocent child of his come into a sick,nasty,perverted world? Really. Why?
This was his logic.And I'm sorry. I cant help but to i agree? Absolutely not, but I understand.
Julie and I tried so hard to reason with him.We got somewhere, however, towards the end, he goes, "I don't know why you 2 on my case.I mean you performing the abortions right now". and I said, "no sir. actually we are not an abortion clinic." he says, "are you serious? have just been a complete waste of my time. and I'm walking out your door right now".
He grabbed his wife and walked out that door.
I was so upset and distraught. I went back to the back prayer room, got down on my knees,with snot coming out of my nose I begged. I prayed the prayer "GOD: you can take whatever it is that you want from ME. but please. PLEASE. help me help these 2 people.God. please. help me help them. I love them so much. because YOU love them. you DIED for them. I want nothing more right now then to help them.God. please.".....................
I blew my nose a couple times.Walked out of the room,where Julie was,she just got off the phone and told me that the girl called and said that she was going to come back tomorrow for a sonogram, and apologized for how her husband left.
If God does not answer prayer, then today never happened!


Rachel Gray said...

That's a crazy mistake the man made, thinking that your center performed abortions. It would almost take divine intervention for him to think that, and that's exactly what he had to think to be willing to talk to you at all. It seems like God's hand is in this...

Nickname unavailable said...

Thank-you so much for your loving faithfulness to pursue Jesus and what breaks His heart. Thank-you for being an example of truly loving your neighbor and seeking to save the lost; both parent and baby. Your writing made my day and encouraged! I sidewalk counsel at a Chicago late term abortion clinic and have been experiencing some discouragement. Your story of love; God's faithfulness, just lifted me up.

Geraldine said...

This is wonderful story. It made my night. God answers prayers.

The Bronx Lifehouse said...

thank you so much ladies for commenting and encouraging tonight