Saturday, April 4, 2015

Training day with sister Dorothy

Last wednesday we met one of the prolife liders here in NY. Actually we had a whole day of training with her. Her name is sister Dorothy and I just can say good things from her. With 25 years of experience doing sidewalk counseling, the babies that she have saved can be counted by thousands . She explained  us how she does sidewalk counseling in fornt of the abortion clinics. Her secret? Love. 
She told us that once, when she was doing sidewalk counseling, spoke with 38 girls in a day that were going to have an abortion and those 38 girls finally decided to keep the baby. And when we asked her how could she did something like that, she just said that was not she, but God. And also added that prayers are the more powerful weapon that we have, and that that incredible day she had her students praying infront of the clinic.

Incredible day and incredible experience!

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