Sunday, April 12, 2015

See you soon!

This is my last post because next week I come back to Spain. I´ve been for two months. I've never thought that this was like that, it has been different: hard work, get up very early, cold weather, the people...
I arrived to New York with an idea of prolife work and I've met some wonderful people like sister Dorothy, guests who were in our house (the women from St. Lucia, Brendan a journalist from Boston who has a prolife Tv program), and Kwadwo, who works in EMC twice a week and he`s a fantastic person! he was friendly with us!!

In this prolife experience I´ve learnt how the abortion hurts women, how important is the sexual education and having human values, but I´ve discovered the miracle of the life (how the life is growing inside women´s womb (if you want to know more about this, you should watch the report of National Geographic called Into the womb. It's great and amazing!)
And I've also helped some women to save their babies (or I hope so) or to understand the importance of abstinence or having sex after the marriage. 

We got to know some places of New York: Manhattan and the Fifth Avenue, St's Patrick Cathedral, Times Square with the big screens, World Trade Center... (it was sometimes really diffcult to visit these places because we were very tired and we didn´t have enough time). NY is a multirracial city, there are hispanics, black, chinese or asiatic and american people. 

Since I´ve been here, I praid for all those people who fight against the abortion and they do this job with an smile and treating well everyone. 
CHARITY is the most important rule to treat people and it's always necessary. But not everybody sometimes treat you with charity (and a boss must do it). 
We defend the life because no one have the right to finish it. 

I don't know when I'll come back to NY, only I can see: Goodbye!!

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