Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Normal day in EMC

Today I have gone to The Bronx Center with Ana. In this Center we try to help the girls with crisis pregnancy doing free testing, ultrasounds, counseling and referrals. Today Ana and I were doing counseling to three girls:

The first one spoke Spanish so this it made easier for us. She wanted to do a pregnancy test to know if she was pregnant. We spoke with her and asked some questions about her life. When we started, she said that if she would be pregnant she couldn´t have the baby. The pregnancy test was positive. After she watched the video about the abortion risks she changed her mind, and she told us that she needed more time to think in her future decision.

The second one was a young girl, she had 18 years old and she wanted to know if she was pregnant too. In this occasion the test was negative. She told us that she wouldn´t have the baby because she is going to start the university the next year. We tried to convince her but for her it was more important her life than her baby. She said that she was very young to have a baby.

The last one came with her boyfriend. She wanted to know if she was pregnant. In this occasion we didn´t need to put her the video because she wanted to have the baby. Finally the test was negative.

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