Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sister Dorothy

I know that Gabriel has talked about this nun, but I am spending a lot of time with her and I want to explaine the power of this person.

She is 75 years old. She wakes up at 4:30 a.m. You could think that she go to the bed early, but you would be wrong. She goes to the bed not before 11 p.m. Well, as I said she wake up early in the morning and she goes to an aborion clinic, figthing for the unborn rights. I can not explaine the energy that this woman has and you couldn't believe it. You have to see with your own eyes, how she works, how she smiles, and how she speak with every woman, giving them love, options and the most importatn help.

I has learnt a lot with her, not only how I have to aproach to the women who are looking for an abortion. I learnt that if you want it, and you believe it, you can do anything. The LOVE is the most important thing and she shows her love to everyone. She works hard everyday, fighting the weather, the tiredness, with the unpolite women, etc. And she is 75 years old!!!

With this woman I have understood that we can do everything with love. We are fighting gainst the abortion everyday, without rest, and when the tiredness come I think in this woman.

Keep praing for us, is really important. We are stronger everyday. Thank you for everything!!!

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