Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Holy week different!!

This Holy week has been different For us. We have been working everyday because For abortion clínic doesnt matter The Easter , they have abortion everyday. For this we went like all days there.
As every morning we are in the door of clínic at 7.30 before that they open. At first and the most important part is praying, like sister Dorothil told us (in Another post I will speak you about her) when women go to clínic we try to speak with them, always we smile them and we ask them how she is? (Probably She is not good if she is in this very bad situation). Later we try to speak more about abortion and we give them paper with all information. Finally is it is posible to have a TR we go with them to our offices.
This day different group of people were with us praying for all babys and also For mothers who dont want keeping their babys.

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