Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sidewalk counseling Lesson 1

I have been doing sidewalk counseling a lot the last month, and one thing of this kind of counseling is that you learn a lot in the beginning but you keep learning with every woman that you talk. As I said, Sister Dorothy tought me how she do but there are a lot of kind of techniques. In fact, as many as sidewalk conselors.
The first time that someone tough me how I have to approach to a woman was Mike. We called him Mike The Sidewalker. He told me that there are four important steps that we have to follow in every approach:
1.- Talk about the help: Help is what we offer and for that reason we have to keep saying the help that is available for all of these woman in need.
2.- Talk about the baby: This part is important because the women who go to the clinic killed (psychologically) her baby before she come in to the clinic. We have to remind them that they still having a baby in their wombs. We need pictures of how looks a baby in every week, because is important that they know how is her baby in that precise moment.
3.- Talk about the procedure: The woman that go to a clinic does not know what they are going to do, so is important that they know that. The risks and options that they actually have. The clinic only wants their money so they don’t talk about risks and options.
4.- Talk about God: I know that is weird that the last step is talk about god, but the expert sidewalk counselors say. If you start talking about God, a lot of them will not listen to you anymore.

These are the steps that many sidewalk counselors use. Is not the method of Sister Dorothy, but I said there are as many methods as councelors. 

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