Sunday, May 5, 2013


El camino correcto... - no suele ser el más fácil.

Most woman who come to EMC know much about their right to choose, but seldom  know little about their right to know.
Normally they were sure about the decission to abort, but this is the easy way to take. There is a lack of interest or lack of will to know all about the abortion procedure, and Its potential complications, risks, and outcomes.
Many women are not interested about the abortion procedure. They think they know everything about abortion, in reality no one  explained the consequences or the risks involved.
Generally the abortion clinic do not reveal all the truth about abortion. The reason why they do not tell them is because they are interested in money, and not in the women’s psychological and physical health. It is so sad to see the after –effects of abortion.
After knowing all the information, women are in a better position to make an informed choice for herself without relying on partial information.
Everywoman  wants  to choose but  does not want to know.

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