Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is there the perfect time?

Although I'm new to this, I will try to write in English. It will be the way to reach more people in this country.

My first week was incredible. I felt like a child at first day of school.
Most times I have seen how the other counselors spoke with the girls.

I heard their arguments to abort, and they are always the same reasons: It's not the right moment, studies, money, living space, etc. And why they don't think about what is the perfect moment?

And the answer is there is no perfect moment. Since no one is perfect, therefore the perfect moment can not exist. 

It is unfortunate to see good woman who already have children deciding to about her pregnacy. I think If they knew the damage they will doing to themselves, they wouldn't decide so lightly.
Sometimes you can only wait until "Higher Power" decides other ways.

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