Saturday, May 11, 2013

Choice at risk

A few days ago, I was working at one of our offices when a very nice couple came. 
I was busy with some others so I just offered them to take a sit and wait for a little bit, and very politely they did so. Once I was free I went back to them, and they explained me their situation. They were coming for an Abortion, yes an Abortion, and that´s not the strange thing, the strengest thing was the fact that she was smiling.
We kept talking and in the end what it turned out to be, is that she didn´t even know what an abortion was. She was just going to have a pill, that was it!

I started talking to them about the risks, about everything that was going on, and suddenly her boyfriend got quite upset and said "Look, we´re leaving". The poor girl begged him to let her listen, she wanted to know what was going on, what an abortion was, what was going to happen to her and her baby. But he would not let her listen. They were going. No choice.

And so they did. Helplessness. 

And since then I can´t stop wondering... Is that being pro-choice? Is she really having a choice? 

They talk about their rights, their bodies, their choices but what about her?

I wish she did have a choice, I wish she was aware of the choices life brings us, I wish she was aware of the choice life brought and is bringing her. 

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