Friday, April 23, 2010

Please Pray For This Case

Today I stood outside of the abortion clinic in the Bronx,Dr. Emily's. I was able to meet with this young lady who has a child. She was at Dr. Emily's today to get an abortion.
I told her that she has other options and so forth. She began to tell me that one of our other interns, Heather, had already talked to her "about all this". I asked her, "when did you talk to heather? Last week?" She said, "oh no. Last year...she talked me out of getting an abortion. She was also able to talk to my boyfriend...she got him!"
I thought, "wow!"
So then I asked what she was doing here. She said that she needed to get an abortion this time. She said that she cannot have another child with her financial situation.
I told her that we can help her. That we can provide sonograms and MD's for her when she needed them.
We talked for about 30 minutes. You could simply tell that she did not want to do this. She wanted to keep her child, but because she did not have family or her boyfriend to be there for support her, she couldn't keep her child.
If you have read this, please pray for this young lady. I have her number and will be calling her later this week.