Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life is More Than Strong!

Wednesday, November 11th 2009: the weather is colder than yesterday, but I enjoy the winter weather in NY, even though I don't like their subway system. Today we went to the EMC center in Brooklyn where there are miracles every minute, everyday. The director, Linda, whose work I admire very much, has warm charisma based on "Love". She is helping many girls and their unborn babies, and, at the same time, teaching me about prolife work - what I am most impressed by is her sympathy for the smallest and the neediest, mother and child.

As I mentioned, there are many miracles in this center; today we had an amazing one which I want to share here. The last patient at the center today was a very special young woman. Actually her mom called the office wanting her to keep the baby. But the daughter had already taken the abortion pills twice with this pregnancy. Linda asked her mom to have her daughter come to the office as soon as possible.

She did come to the office - Her belly was already big, and she looked very tired, and sick. We were all worried about her condition, and no one was sure whether or not the baby was OK. Linda suggested a sonogram to find out.

After the sonogram, Linda cried out, "The baby is alive!" and everybody clapped and shouted with joy and happiness. I went to the sonogram room and saw the picture myself. The baby was really strongly moving and was quite big.

Today I learned that human life is stronger than we thought, and we can not do whatever we want to. Life is a gift which belongs to God. The sonogram showed us life is very precious, something to protect, not something to get rid of.

I see this kind of extraordinary story all the time here.

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