Saturday, April 27, 2013

Let Him make you His

A touch of hands. Stretch your fingers just enough to reach Him. That is all you need. That is all He wants you to do. Because He is there, wanting you beside Him, wanting you in His arms, feeling loved, happy, calm, safe and sound...

This is Lorena, a new Spanish intern in the Lifehouse of the Bronx, NYC, and this is one of the first experiences that I have had during my first week here.

Today, Saturday 27th of April, Carlos and I went to Emily´s to try and save some women from making a decision they will always regret, to try and speak for these babies that are crying out  begging for a chance to behave as children,  to try and help them with anything they could require or simply to try and just BE, and I mean the capitals, be there for them.

I´m not going to describe how aggressive the security guards were to us, how they shouted, provoked, and tried to make us leave. I have to say that all that is the least important thing. The most important  are these poor women that are just being led to an abortion not being given all the alternatives that they have,  and that are being literally pushed in the clinic making them believe that is their own right, their own body. These women that, believe it or not,  are surrounded by the security guards´ arms at the entrance of the clinic so that they can not listen to us just in case a Miracle happens and we can celebrate a Turn Around. This women, sooner or later, will come back to their Father in Heaven, and so will the security guards. Now we just have to stand there showing them  how great and merciful is God´s love and if it is His will, it will come.

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