Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank God

After one month working at EMC I am very surprised about the different scenarios that I have witnessed. Before I begin, I need to give thanks to God, thanks to my family for their love and education, thanks to my girlfriend and my friends. I am so lucky to have my kind of life. I have talked with a lot of women and couples these days. I have listened to sad, terrible and hard stories. A lot of times the situations they find themselves in are not their fault, sometimes they do not have the same opportunities in their lives as we do in ours. When I reflect on the life that I have been privileged to be given I, like others of you, may feel sometimes guilty. But we have to see through our own personal feelings and get to the heart of the matter. Life does not begin by accident, nor was the baby’s conception an accident. Even in the terrible cases of rape, no human being gave another human being life. Life was given by the Creator and that Creator does not do things “willy nilly”. He has a plan and purpose. I have to keep my perspective clear, as we all do, and never feel guilty about what we may have been given in relation to what our clients have or have not been given. Life was given by God and for that reason no life should be taken by human kind.

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