Saturday, January 29, 2011

Help to Others Goes a Long Way

Two weeks ago, a woman came into our center in Brooklyn, who is married with three children. She came for a sonogram. Her spirit portrayed a stressful individual screaming for help. Her husband had just lost his job and was still waiting for money for unemployment. Which meant that they were behind a full month in rent and utilities.

This is a strong and ambitious woman. After talking with her for I discovered she has dreams of her own and is taking being a mother seriously. She is trying her very best at life.

She lost her medical coverage and needed to buy milk and food for her children that day.. She was 2 months pregnant. She didn't really want to abort her baby, but she was overwhelmed with where her life was. The stress was too much to take on. She needed help.
That's where Linda and I came in .
Linda worked with her first by giving her the sonogram while talking with her. Then Linda calls me in the back room to further consult with her. We talk for a while and she tells me all her anxieties, fears, and problems.

One by one, I work them out with her. I tell Linda what she needs and Linda immediately gets on the phone to call all the connections she knows personally to help this woman. I make calls as well.

The woman leaves still parent leaning, but not fully. I call her 4 days later to check up on her and she is still scared. Linda and I set her up an appointment with the Catholic Charity. 2 days later I get a frantic call from her telling me she is going to get the abortion. That its all too much.

I call Linda and tell her the situation. Linda calls the Catholic Case workers back and tell them to work with this lady. They get in touch with her. I call her 4 days after that to see how she is, and she tells me that her mother has stepped in and wants to help. And that she is going to keep her baby !

This story is a perfect example of a woman who is trying her best. She is doing her part, but it's still too much for her. She needs others to step in and help. With the work of 3 individuals in her life, look what we all accomplished. This baby's life is spared, cause the mother had help. Help to others goes a long way.

I am so thankful and privileged to work with EMC. I am thankful that Chris Slattery is the founder and keeper of this organization.

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