Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow offers new professions

On December 28 I was with my co-workers in front of one of the largest abortion clinics located in the Bronx (as you know, working on the sidewalk trying to talk to women who are heading into the clinic). It was the day after the big snowfall, NYC was collapsed because the snow. It was a great satisfaction for me to see how the parking lot that the "clinic" owns was completely covered in snow and the cars could not enter. But even the Christmas season and such a heavy snowfall didn’t deter girls from coming to the center. Even though they arrived later than usual, they were there anyway.

But a most unusual thing happened during the time from 10 to 11.30, maybe for lack of work,we saw the "doctor" with his impeccable suit, with a shovel to clear snow surrounding his fantastic BMW. It really hurt to see how people get rich through work that degrades man to the lowest level. I wish the “doctor” would devote himself to clearing snow from the streets, a much more honest living and profession useful to society.

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