Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Another Statistic

I was with a woman a few days ago in one of our centers when she uttered the phrase that she did not want her child to become another statistic.

She was referring to her child becoming 'another lost child' so to speak - relegated to a life of poverty, strife, and possibly crime. Besides the fact that adoption is always an option for those who think their child may fare better in another family, this sort of thinking ignores the fact that society doesn't constrain us or our children to any specific fate before we are born.

In addition she was unaware that she was considering making her child the worse type of statistic: in NYC 60% of black babies are aborted. There are more abortions than live births in the black community - and this is precisely what we are called to stop. The pregnancy care centers are the only ones that are fighting this evil curse and we need the help of everyone. Lets work to make sure noone becomes another statistic.

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