Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Women's Choice?

Hello world! I finally arrived in New York City this past Saturday after months of excitement and anticipation. I am so grateful God has chosen me for the mighty work of saving his sweet unborn children.

Yesterday, my first day on the job, was spent at a place that claims to be a women's health clinic. You all have probably heard it reffered to as Dr.Emily's. Dr.Emily "helps" girls decide between a traditional abortion, the abortion pill, and aspiration. Nowhere on her website could I find mention of parenting or adoption. That's why it is so important that we are there. We want these girls to know all their options so that they have a choice. We believe that the truth will set them free. Free to give life to their child. Free to accept the many blessings Jesus is dying to give them through the life that grows inside of them.

With at least 7 babies saved, we had an incredicle day!! Pray that these mothers stay strong to protect their beautiful children. I'd like to share with you the story of one girl in particular.

A couple of us were standing behind Emily's when we noticed a young girl walk out the back door. I'll call her Anna. Anna was standing by the door talking on the phone and clearly upset. We tried to get her attention, but it wasn't long before she hung up and walked back inside. She came in and out a few more times. Each time she was upset. Each time she ignored us. Each time I prayed she would find the courage to leave and never come back. After a couple of hours with no sign of her, all of a sudden we saw her coming around the block being led by a woman who was clearly her mother. She was one angry woman, allright. She marched past us cursing at us the whole time. Among the words I heard her say were:

"I'll take care of her. I'M her mother!"
"It's bad enough as it is, leave her the f*** alone,"
"She has a choice!"

Dan sweetly asked the question,"Is this your choice?" Anna's mother replied, "That's right! It's MY choice!"

*Lightbulb* This wasn't Anna's choice at all. My heart was breaking. The mother walked in. Anna hesitated in the doorway as I couldn't help but call out, "Please don't do this. You don't have to do this." The door closed. We waited and we prayed.

Time passed by and then Anna strode out of Emily's with her mother looking a lot less than happy. Anna walked past us saying, "I didn't do it, I didn't do it!" Her mom followed with angry stares.

Praise the Lord! We couldn't believe it! Anna made her choice, and she chose LIFE!!

Please, please, please keep this young girl in your prayers. She showed such strength that day standing up to her mother, but the next couple of months will be so difficult. Pray that she is able to stay strong. Pray that she does not submit to her mother's wishes. Pray that she does not return to the abortion mill.

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