Friday, March 7, 2014


The other day we had a tough situation in the office that really hit me inside. This post is addressed to all women in this world:

PLEASE, do never let anyone force you to do something you don’t wish to. You deserve more than that. Much more. You deserve to be loved, supported and respected. If somebody ever tries to discourage you, do not allow it. FIGHT. Fight for what YOU want, fight for your ideals, fight for your values, fight for yourself. You MUST fight for your happiness because you DO deserve to be happy and you DEFINITELY can get much more than that. Do NEVER just conform to what you have. Do not believe you wouldn't find better. That’s a LIE. The worst lie anybody can tell you. Even if you don’t know better, I assure you there is something out there waiting for you and it ONLY depends on you to find it. You will achieve EVERYTHING you want in life if you look for it and try hard to get it. Because you are STRONG. You are stronger than what you think. And if you don’t find it do never be scared of loneliness. Sometimes being alone is BETTER than having the wrong company. You can go through all that’s happening to you and still find a smile for the people you love. You CAN face all this shit and still be able to kick some ass. You are strong and you are smart and you are WORTH it. You are a gift for everyone having YOU in their lives. Do not believe you are alone, because you will NEVER be. God is always with you, watching your steps and we will be here, just beside you, accompanying you in all those hard situations that life puts on our way. You MUST take care of yourself, because nobody else is going to do it for you. You have to learn to be happy just for yourself and NOT because of others. What is best for you is what matters now. PLEASE, do not let anybody make you feel other way. That person does not deserve to be part of your life. And SMILE. Smile because you have reasons to smile. Do never lose your smile and you will be making others happy.

Life is hard sometimes but don’t lose the passion for living. Take control of your life. Find your own way. Enjoy every single moment God gives you. Only you know what you are capable of doing and now it’s time for you to show it. And if you happen to lose your hope and need help getting it back, remember we are here for you. Don’t forget it, you should be the one making decisions in your life. It’s YOUR life. It’s YOU.

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