Saturday, March 1, 2014

Calling the Holy Spirit

It is amazing how powerful prayer for counseling women in crisis is. Through my four week counseling in New York City prayer has been the number one tool. Just today a women came to the center determent to abort. I explain what is our center was about, the dangerous of abortion and her other options but she was still asking about abortion. At that moment I called the Holy Spirit since I didn't know what else to say. Right after I call the Holy Spirit I started to talk about how women after an abortion suffer from depression, drug abuse, anxiety and panic attacks and so forth. She immediately looked at me and stated to tell me about her previous abortion. We had a full conversation about post abortion and told her she is not alone. I have her some local support reference to get help.
I knew that with out the Holy Spirit I would of not thought of taking about post abortion because my mind was just focusing on talking about talking about the life of her baby in her womb. The Holy Spirit knew that talking about her pain of her previous abortion will help her think about the life of this new blessing. The mother left thinking and leaning more into parenting this child. We just need to pray that this need information and support will lead her to giving life to her unborn child.


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