Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First-time mother

Last week I was in the EMC Brooklyn clinic. It was a very cold morning and many women came to us searching for help. Most of them came to get a sonogram in order to be able to watch and hear their babies. The sonogram makes possible knowing if everything is fine during the pregnancy or if the baby is healthy. This morning between all those young women willing to bring to the world it came a very kind Belgian woman. She was in New York only for a few months and now that she got pregnant the planned to stay in the City. She heard about us from a friend of her. She told her that we provide free services for expectant mothers and she came to us gladly. She was very excited about the idea of being a mother, because it was her first child she has; and once she was watching her baby moving inside of her, this image drove her to tears. It was a very emotive picture seeing how a mother cried of joy watching her preborn son.


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