Saturday, January 25, 2014


These days we had a lot of women coming into the offices. The last day as yesterday, Friday. On Friday we usually don't have a lot of people coming but it doesn't mean we are not busy...

This day a woman came to Bronx Office. She simply wanted to have an abortion as soon as possible. Once it is done she thought to come back home as it never happened. Women usually enter into the offices thinking that having an abortion is something very easy and goes very fast. Also they usually think abortion is like take a simple pill when they have temperature. But the truth it's not that simmilar...

The truth came with the consultation and the movie about the procedures of an abortion. She just started to watch the movie and she said she didn't want to have the abortion and she would keep it.

Life changes every day or we think so and yesterday was one day where a decision was changed to save life. 

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