Saturday, January 18, 2014

A surprise


I am here! I'am back again! I have started this week going to Queens Office and to the Bronx. This week I have spent a wonderful time...

I went to Bronx office where is another person working also with us. This day we had six people coming in and lots of them were TR! so it was great. While we were talking about the people who changed mind suddenly it came to my mind that "unborn baby". It was a case about a girl who was pregnant but finally she decided to abort. Several times we tried to talk to her but we couldn't contact her anymore... So this day she came to my mind and I asked to the other worker if they knew something more about her in the time I haven't been here. She answered to me: oh yes! She is keeping the baby!- Suddenly I said to myself: what!! I am going to call her right now! So I took the phone and I called her... It was her voice! 
SO yes! She is keeping the baby. She said to me she was four months and she was keeping! 

It has been a joy to know about her after many weeks without no news from her! And it has been a big gift for this week to know she is keeping!

The unborn baby is going to be born!!! 

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