Saturday, January 25, 2014

Queens first day

A few days ago in Queens, I had this lady come in asking for an abortion. Although she was very upset with the decision she was making, she felt that this was the only way out of the problem   I told about all the dangerous side effects that come with a routine abortion, but she was still firm in her decision. I led her into the sonogram room so that we could see how far along she had progressed in her pregnancy. To our surprise, the baby was three weeks older than what we had expected. She had already entered into her second trimester.

This woman began crying so hard, saying that she just couldn't go through with the abortion, but that she really had no other option. I took her hands in mine and said "Let us help you. We want to help you. We can help you-- just let us. You don't have to do something you don't want. Please... let us help you". She was shaking her head saying no the whole time, so I let go of her hands and got up. As I stood, she got up also.

She wrapped her arms around me and said "Help me."

Beatriz fernandez lacabe

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