Saturday, January 25, 2014


During the week we went to Emilys Clinic. An abortist clinic in the Bronx where they normally do just abortions.

It surprises me when a women went out from the clinic with a very sad face... I asked her if she was okay. She said to me she wasn't fine; she was pregnant, almost 40 weeks. The baby was going to be born, however she decided not having and abortion and giving it for adoption. Once she was in Emilys and she told about her final decission they told her they couldn't help her and they didn't provide adoption infomation, nor adoption alternatives.

Then she was very sad. She went to the "correct" place to know about what to do for her future baby in order to give it in adoption, but they couldn't help her. 

I told her we had many alternatives and we could help her to have an adoption plan. I gave to her a flyer with information and I show her how to get to Bronx Office. Suddenly she changed her face to a very happy eyes and smile. She was with a friend who came happy as well. They decided to go directly in that moment. 

In 30 minutes they arrived to the office and they have been helped...

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