Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Life House

     This week, I have been working a lot on the Life House (the name we have given to our interns house.)  Jeff and I have painted a couple rooms and ripped out the carpet and three layers of linoleum in the linens room, as well as clean and fix various things around the house.

     I also spent a good amount of time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at the nearby abortion clinic Dr. Emily's this week.  We had a lot of success with sidewalk counseling the women there.  On Friday, we had 2 confirmed turnarounds and 2 suspected turnarounds.  The two suspected didnt want to talk to us, but I believe they decided to choose life.  I have enjoyed every second of my time here as a pro-life intern, please keep me in your prayers. 


                                                            Brian Petry

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