Thursday, November 17, 2011

Greedy Abortion Facilities

Sometimes I'm grateful for the greediness that prevails in the abortion industry and especially at Dr. Emily Clinic in the Bronx.

If that sounds outrageous, just hang with me. You see many of my saves personally have begun by the abortion clinic's refusal to commit an abortion due to a woman's inability to pay - their insurance doesn't work there. Of course, if abortion really was a medical necessity the provider would be compelled to perform it - but since it is not, they can simply say 'no' and send the girls home - or rather - to me.

And I'm glad to be waiting outside the clinic equipped to offer free help to any woman with the backing of EMC, and many women fortunately gladly accept this. I've seen their frustration at the refusal of the clinic turned to joy when they choose life with us, I've seen this refusal understood to be a sign that maybe they should keep their baby, and I've also seen this make the most determined and hardest hearts crack and decide to listen to what we have to say.

For all of this I'm grateful that the abortion industry is as greedy as it is.

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